Joint Replacement Surgeon in Nashik

Joint Replacement Surgeon in Nashik

Joint replacement surgeon in Nashik |

Meet the Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Nashik.  Dr.Prakash Patil is a very subjective term, as there are a number of doctors specializing in Joint Replacement surgeries, across several top hospitals. Dr.Prakash Vishwanath Patil is notably amongst one of the best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Nashik.Dr.Prakash Patil is a young and dynamic Joint Replacement Surgeon in Nashik. He rejoined Jehangir Hospital, Pune as the Trauma surgeon and later moved to Bhagwati Hospital, Borivali. Mumbai as a TICU registrar before being appointed as Associate Consultant in Orthopaedics at Wockhardt Hospital Nashik. Here he used to perform Arthroscopies, Complex trauma, and Joint Replacement surgeries.


Hip replacement surgery is an operation used to replace the damaged ball-and-socket with new and durable artificial synthetic parts that mimic the ball-and-socket. The hip joint is made up of a ball-and-socket. The socket is made of bone and cartilage, and the ball is the top of the thighbone, also known as the femoral head. Sometimes, either the socket of the hip or the thighbone is injured or becomes diseased. This can be, trouble with walking, resulting in pain or difficulty of performing everyday tasks. We Known already tried pain relief methods such as physical therapy, medications, supports, or braces. If the pain does not stop, then the doctor may recommend to  Hip replacement surgery.


Ankle replacement surgery is becoming the treatment of choice for patients requiring arthroplasty, replacing the conventional use of arthrodesis, i.e. fusion of the bones. However, for the particular isolated implant designs. clinical evidence of the superiority of the former has only been demonstrated. The key feature in favor of ankle replacement is a restoration of range of motion is with respect to arthrodesis.


 Finger joint replacement surgery is performed by first damaged part removing and deformed joint surface.  a damaged portion of the joint is removed After that bone ends are shaped to accommodate the artificial implant. made by the ceramic, metal or plastic. Its positioned and held tightly in the hollow center of the bone. take Care to protect the tendons and ligaments that surround to the joint. Finger joint replacement is a done quick procedure of about 30 minutes but requires several months of subsequent therapy.


shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure that included removing damaged areas of your shoulder and replacing them with artificial parts. The procedure is performed to improve mobility and relieve pain. The first is the transdeltoid approach, which provides a straight on approach at the glenoid. The second is the deltopectoral approach, which saves the deltoid but requires the supraspinatus to be cut. However, in the deltoid is put at risk for the potential damage. depending on the surgeon’s preferences, Both techniques are used.